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Gift from RWUS
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Rev. Rorelfel, Child Coordinator
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Secretariat Building Renovation Completed
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The ICI Secretariat at Sielmat, which had been renovated since the national lockdown began has been completed. We are so thankful to the LORD Almighty for helping us to complete the renovation without [ ... ]

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Pentecost Thucha

By Rev. Darsanglien Ruolngul

May 15, 2016 Morning, Sielmat.

Thilthawhai 1:1-5;12-14;4,7; 14-24; 36-42; Luka 24”44-45.

THUHMA: Vawituk Pentekos nia thuhril dinga ruota ka um hi ka lawmin kan hriet. Pentecost ni a tlungna backgrounda inthawkin sut hmasa inla ka nuoma.

Ei Lalpa Isu hemdeha a uma, phuma a um khan, zirtirhai kha nasatakin an beidawngin an tih a, an thlaphang a nih. Isu a thonawka, Emau lampuia ruolchamhai inzinnaa Isu thonawk an kuoma an lara, Jerusalema an kir nawk hnunga zirtirhai kuoma an report khan, “ama ngei chu anni lai  a hung ngira an kuomah, ‘In chungah thlamuongna um rawse’ a ta. Nisienlakhawm rapthlak an tih bek beka, an tih a. thlarau hmuah an inruota. Chun, ama chun an kuomah, ‘Ieng dinga in lungzing am? Ieng dinga in lungrila ringhlana a hung um am a na? Ka kuthai le ka kehai hi en ro, hi keima ngei kha ka ni hi! Mi them unla en ro; in mi hmu ang hin chu thlarau chun taksa le ru a nei nawh’ a ta. Chun, chu chu a hril zoin a kuthai a kephahai an kuomah an entir a, chun an lawm taluo leiin an la awinaw  ta rawp a, mak an ti sungin an kuomah, ‘Hitakahin iengkhat fak ding in nei am? a ta. Chun, nga raw tlin khat an pek a, chun a laka, an hmua chun a fak tah a. Chun an kuomah, ‘Hieng hi ka thu a nih, Mosi danahai, zawlnei lekhabuahai, inpakna hlaahai, ka chanchin ziek taphawt chu a hung tlung dingin in kuoma ka umlaia ka hril hlak cheu kha’ a ta. Chuongchun, Pathien thu hrietna dingin an lungvar a sukvar tah a” (Luka 24:36-49).

Isu a thonawk hnung khan vana lawn el lovin, ni 40 sung zet a zirtirhai kuomah an lar a. Chu hun sung chun a damlaia a thu inchuktirhai kha an chuktir nawn nawk a. Chu zo chun a zirtirhai kuomah, thucha pawimaw bek bek a pek a: “Jerusalem feasan naw ro, Pa thutiem ka hril cheu kha lo nghak ro. Johan khan tuiin a baptis hlak a, nisienlakhawm nisawtawteah Thlarau Inthiengin baptisma chang in tih” a tih a. (TT. 1:3). Chuonga thu an cha hnung chun an renga hmuhin vanah  laktungin a um tah a (TT. 1:11).

Zirtirhai khan thuawitakin Jerusalem maksan lovin ni 10 sung chu an umkhawm a. A ni 10 ni tak chu Pentikos ni (Isu thiha inthawka a ni 50 na ni a nih a). “a hung tlungin, an rengin hmukhatin an umkhawm vawnga, chun, karlovin vana inthawkin ri thlipui hrang angin a hung tlung ta phuta, chu chun an thungna in chu a suksip ta vawnga. … Thlarau Inthiengin an sip ta vawnga” (TT 2:1-4).

Hi hi Pentikos nia Thlarau Inthieng a hung tlung dan backgroud chu a nih. Hitaka inthawk hin ei inchuk ding thil pathum hril ka nuoma nih.

I.Pentecost tlungna ding chun: thupek zawma Pathien thu thua inpekna hi a nih ti hi a pakhatnaa ka hril nuom chu a nih.

Pathien thu hriet rawn le hriet rawn naw thu a nawh. Pathien thu hriet rawn le hriet rawn nawhin thu a phur nawh a. Pathienthu an hriet ang ang kha an zawm pei el a nih. Pathienthu hriet ang ang zawmpei el hi a thuphuhrtu tak chu a nih.

Pathienthu an hriet rawn am an hriet rawn nawh am chu thudang nisien, an hriet rawn naw khawma, an hriet hriet kha an zawm phawt chun Pathien Thlarau thangpuina dawngna le Thlarauva sipna dinga huntawk chu a ni hrim hrim a nih.

Eini rawi hi chu hriet rawnnaah ei intlansieka. A zawmna tieng ruok chu ei ngaisak nawk ta si nawha. Hi hi a nih ei Pathienthuawi a takchang thei nawna chu.

Tulai lekhabu pakhat, kum 50 liemtaha ka lo neitah, ka tiem thara. A hlutna le a hlutzie le a thufun a lo ropui zie ka hmusuok thar chaua. Chu lekhabu chu “The School of Obedience – Thuzswm Inchukna Schook” ti a nih.

A ziektu chu Thuhriltu Ropui, Andrew Murray a nih.  Kum 1898, kum 116 liemtaha a ziek kha a nih. Ama chun, “Thuzawmna hi Paradis Luitna a na, Thuzawmlona chu Paradis Channa a nih” a ti tawp el a nih.

“Ringna hi Sandamna” a nih ti tiengin a hril nawha chu ringna chu sandamna dinga a bulpui a nih ti chu hrietsa (undersatood)a a sie a nih. Miin ringna a nei chun thuzawmnain a zui nawtheianawha. Thuzawmna bo chun ringna tak tak a um thei nawh. Ringna suklangtu le sukfietu chu thuzawmna a nih. Pathien ringtu tak tak chauvin Pathien thu hi an zawm hlak a nih. Pathien an ringna chu an thilthawin a suklang hlak.

Jakobin, ringna le thilthaw a hril khan, “Thilthaw thanglovin ringna chu thi a nih” a tih a (Jakob 2:17). Chu umzie chu, miin a ring tak tak chun, a ringna chu thilthawhin a suklang tei hlak a nih. Entirna dingin, ka huonah “lunghlu” um chiehin ring inla chu, chu lunghlu chu chosuok dingin ka theina po po hmangin bei ka tih.

Isu Krista ka ring ti siha a ringna chu a thilthawha inlangna um der lo chu a ring taktak iengtinam ni thei a ta? Chuleichun, Jakobin a ti angin, “Ringna chun a thilthaw leh a thaw hmunkhata, chun a thilthaw leiin a ringna chu a sukfamkimtah ti ei hriet. Pathien Lekha Thuin, ‘Abraham chun Pathien a ring a, chu ringna chu a felnaah ruot a nih” ti thu kha a hung hlawtling a, chuongchun Pathien ruola inbukin a umtah a nih. Ringna lei ngawt nilovin thilthaw lei lemin, miin thiem a chang hlak ti in hriet tah. Chuongang bawkin Rahab nawchizawr khawm khan tirkohai kha a lo lawm a, lampui dangah an fetir lei khan, thilthaw leiin thiem a chang a ni naw am a nih? Thlarau thangnaw chun taksa chu thi a nih, chuong ang bawkin thilthaw thangnaw chun ringna khawm chu thi a nih” (Jakob 2:22-16).

II. Pentikos nia Thlarau tlungna mihai chun, Pathienthu an hriet indik. Pentikos ni a tlunga, Thlarau Inthieng a hung tlung khan mipui an chi-ai nasa hle a. Amiruokchu Peter kha chu a chiai ve nawh.

Pathien Thlarauva a sip char khan, Pathienthu hriet indikna a nei nghal a nih. Hi hi a pawimaw hlein ka hriet a nih. Thlarauva sip inti, thlaraumia inngaihai hin Pathienthu hrietna indik ei nei am ti hi ei inenfie dinga pawimaw chu a nih. Pathienthu po po hriet indik vawng lem chu a lo harsa khawmin, Pathienthu bulpui – cardinal doctrine - a chun a fie ngei ding a nih. Abikin sandamna - Pathien nau nina thu a chun a fie ngei ding a nih – Pathien nau nina chang a ni chie chun! Ei hriet tam le tlawm thu an nawh.

Hi hi Isun taksaa a umlaia a lo hrillawk dai ta kha a nih. A zirtirhai a fesan ding thu a hril khan, an lungngai a. Sienkhawm Isun, “Ka fe in ta dingin a tha, ka fe naw chun Thlamuongtu chu in kuomah a hung naw ding a ni sih a; kei ka fe ruok chun in kuomah hung tir ka tih. … ama Thlarau indiktak a hung tlung pha chun thutak po povah thuoilut a ti cheu a, ama phukfawmin thu a hril awm si nawh a. thu a idawng taphawt chu hril lem a tih, thil hung tlung dinghai khawm inhriettir a ti cheu. Ama chun kei mi chawimawi a tih, ka taa mi lang a ta, in kuomah an hriettir ding cheu a ni siha” (Johan 16:7; 13-14) tiin.

Chuleichun, vawisun Pentikost ni a hin Thlarau Inthieng a tlung tak takna mihai nidan ding chu – Pathienthu indiktak hrietna an nei tlat ding a nih - ti hi hrietding chu a nih. Theology inchukna nei amanih, degree insangtak tak nei lei el an nawh – Theology inchukna insangtak nei le degree thatak nei chu Thlarau Inthieng tlungna mi nina leh an thuo chun a tha em em a. Amiruokchu, a pawimawlem chu Thlarau Inthieng tlungna mi ni hi a a nih. Degree ieng ang khawm neisien, Thlarau Inthieng tlungna mi an naw chun, Pathien thudik an hriet tak tak thei naw ding a nih – thudik po poa thuoiluttu ding Thlarau Inthieng an niah a um naw tlat leiin! Chuleichu ning a tih, thuhril thiemtaktak, degree insangtak tak neihaiin Pathienthu indik hrelova, a muol, muola an thel el hlakna san chu!

Peterhai kha thiemna khawm an nei nawh. Ngamantu el an  nih. “Lekha thiemnaw el an nih ti an hrieta, Isu kuomah an umtah ti an hriet” (TT. 4:13) thei tlat a nih. Thlarau Inthienga an sip lem khan chu Pathien Thlarau elvarna Pathiethu indiktak, Bible kal thaklovin Pathienthu an hril el a nih!

Tienlaia ei Kohran thuoitu Pastor Thangngurhai dam kha ngaituo tu. Theological Collegea inchukin, degree nei khawm an ni nawh. An Pathienthu hmu kha, Bible kal pakhat khawm a um nawha. Eini, Holy Bible le hrilfiena tinreng hmua hmangphakhai khawma ei hrietphaklo deuthaw Pathienthu inriltak tak ngawt an hrilin, hla an phuok thei a ni kha tie!

Pastor Thangngurpui hla Independent Kohran Hla No.122 na inthuk zie kha I ngaituo ta hlak am? Thlarau Inthieng chengchil a ni zie a chieng zie hi,

1.    Aw Lalpa I hmel chu ka Hmutah
        Zionna fena lampui khawm ka hriettah
        I thlarau dotuhai fena lampui inthim chu,
        Mipui inhmutir dan ka thiem nawh

2.    Thil an danglamin an lo bo thei,
Hnuoi le vam khawm puon angin la zuol I ta;
I thu chuava thil bul loin hring thei Lal Isu,
I Bible thudik hi malsawm rawh

    3, Mi varin an varna chu ringin,
        I Bible thudika varna inthuklerm,
       A pumin ringnaw hai sienkhawm kei chu Aw Lalpa,
       Damlai khawnvarin mi neitir rawh

3.    Sunah khawnvar kan la ngai naw thei,
Zanah mi tin mamaw chu lo ning a tih,
I fela chu kan lungrilah khawnvarin var sien,
Zankhaw zingah chu chu lawm kan tih.

4.    Silfen bovin taksa a na thei,
Thlarau bovin mitdel chum ka lo ni si
I kuta thil hung par lawmin an ring min tho tam,
Thlarau le taksa inkallovin!

Thlarau Inthieng thanglo chun mitdel vawng ei lo ni zie a hei hrietchieng zie hi aw! Thlarau Inthieng neilohaiin Bible Pathenthu a muolmuola an lo thel hi a awmnaw an le!

III.Petekos tlungna mi chun varna, huoisenna le thilthawtheina a nei hlak a nih. Ei hriltaha. Isu zirtirhai ka mimawl el, ngmanantu el an nih. Sienkhawm Isun a zirtirhai kuomah, “Thlarau Inthieng chu in chungah a hung tlung pha chun, thilthawtheina la nei in tih” (TT 1:8) a tih a. Thlarau Inthieng a tlung hma khan chu an tiha, thawthei an nei nawh. Peterin a Lalpa tan ngiel a tum khawm khan, thawthei a nei der nawh a ni kha. Isu an mana, a hlat theitawpa a zui khawm khan, nuhmei hmaah an phat el a ni kha.

Thlarau Inthieng a hung tlung meu khan chu, “Hieng hi iengtizie am a na?” (TT. 2:12) tiha mipui an buoi el khawm khan, Peter chun chiengtakin a hriet a.  “Hieng hi zawlnei Joelin a hril kha a ni lem. Pathienin, ‘Ni nuhnungahai chun hieng hi ning a tih; Mi po po chungah ka thlarau buok ka ta ….” (Joel 2:28-29)  ti kha a hei laksuok nal nghal a el a nih, Pathienthu ziek khawm la um lo a niha chu, Thlarau Inthienga inthawka varna neiin Thuthlung Hlui thu po po kha, Isun, ni 40 a umpui sunga a hrilhai kha a hrietsuok nal nghal el a ni kha!

Eini rawi. Thuthlung Hlui le Thuthlung thar a kima neihaiin Pathienthu ei hei hrietnaw ziehai hi ngaituo tham a nih, Inngaisietna khawp a ni lem naw mani. Thlarau Inthienga sip inti ve bawk siin!

Hi hi upat le aupang thu khawm an nawh. Thlarau Inthieng chengchilnaah an nghat a nih.

Tulai lekhabu pakhat kum 58 liemtaha ka nei pakhat ka tiem thara. Chu lekhabu chu “The Kneeling Christian – Tawngtaimi Kristien” ti a nih. A ziektu hming hrietlo a nih.

Chu lekhabu a chun, Africa rama Native Pastor (Africa mi Pastor) naupa, kum 12 mi chaua upa Cheefoo Mission Schoola kai hi an chawllaiin intieng an lawi a. In a tlunga varadaha a ngir chun, ringnaw papui pakhat khaw hlafeta inthawk hin a hunga. A pa, Pastor a hung zawng a nih.

Ama chun, “Pathienmi ka zawng a nih. Kan khuoa mi pakhat monu khawhriin a sawisak a, A sam a keiphawia, a hmai a sikpawpa, chu hnungah thi angin a um hlak a.  A hung harnawk pha an tleng nawk rak raka. A khawmihaiin an bawde hrawna, an chelde thei chau a nih.  Chu nua khawhri chu hnawtdawk dingin Pathiem mi ko dinga hung chu ka nih” a tih a.

Naupangpa chun, “Ka pa a um nawh” tiin a lo dawna. Sienkhawm chu pa chu a beidawngin naupangpa hril khawm chu a hrietthiem thei el nawh a. Atawp a chun, a hung har huoia. “Nang khawm Pathienmi I nih an nawm. Hung la hug sukdam rawh” tiin a ngen rak el tah a.

Chu naupang kum 12 mi chau chun sawt inngaituo lovin, chu chona chu a pawm el tah a. Sawkawr chungah a hnungh chuongin an tlan ta viei viei el a. An tlan sung chun chu naupang chun a lungrilin, Pathien thilthawtheinaa khawhri hnawtdawk a ni dahai dam kha a ngaituoha. Pathien kuomah a tawngtaia. Pathie thangpuin a hnih a.

A khuo an lut chun, khawhri imannu chun, “Min thla ro, Pathien mi Ma-Na-Si a hung a nih, Ka tlanhmang ding a nih” a tih a.

In an lut chun, Manasi chu Pathien kmuomah a tawngtaia. Khawhri chu Isu Krista hminga suok dingi thu a pek a. Khawhri chun nasataka sawisakain a suoksana, zawi tawp hin a uma. Chutaka inthawk chun a hung hara. Chu khuo a chun Chanchitha zalentaka hril theiin a  hung um tah a nih” ti thu an ziek a nih.

Chu khawhri imannu chun Manasi hming a hril chu an hrilin, a hril hrim hrim a hriet ta nawh. Chu khuo a chun chanchintha hril a la ni ngaiilona khuo a ni leiin a hriet naw deing hrim a nih,

Hi hi a practicalin ei Missionaryhai khawmin an tuoka, an thawsa vawng a nih ti Missionaryhai report ei ngaithlak hlak a ni kha!

Pathien mihai Tawngtaina hi Pathienin a ngaisak zie hi chu lekhabu bawk a chun hril a nih a. Dr. Don Croford tawngtai laiin a ruolpa a kawlah a lo uma. A ruolpa chun, “Dr. Don Crowford a tawngtai lai chun, Pathien a hnai taluoah, tawk pal kan lau leiin ka kut ka sukchang ngam nawh” a ti hiel a nih an tih.

Dr. Don Crowford bawk chanchin an hril chu. Furlougha inthawk a hung kir hung hun sawtnawte a hin, intienga kir nawk vat a tulna a uma., Kir dinga a fe chun, lampuiah vadungte inthuktak el, tui umnaw lai chu kan el thei a uma. Chu ni chun ruo nasatak a sur leiin tui a kuong sipin a lo liem a. An thuk siha, kan el thei an nawha. Leilak hlak a um si nawh a. A tawngtai a. An tawngtai lai chun vadung Panga thing insangtak el, kum tamtak thli le ruohin a lo sawitah hi a  hung inawna, a tlua, vadung chung a chun an  khangkai el tah a. Chu thing chu hrawhin an kai a. Chutak a chu Don Crowford chun, “Van Royal Engineerin Pathien siehlawhai tadingin  siemvfawm leilak a hung daw a nih” a tih an tih.

Chu thilthawtheina chu tu chen hin a panngai a la ni zing a nih! Eini laia ei hmu naw el hi inngaituona tham a tling a nih ti hi thilpawimawtak chu a nih.

Uauhai, vaisun hi Petikos ni a nih.  Eini khawm Isun Pentikos a tlungna dinga a thupek zawmin, Pentikos tlung dinga ditna tak tak neia, Pathien ei chel chun, Petikos thilthawtheina chu ei chanpuol a ni ve tho a nih.

Lalpan ei chan sengah mal sawm rawse.

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