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Important Notification: SBC
22 Jul 2020 00:50Important Notification: SBC

Sielmat Bible College
July 21,2020

1. Admission to the academic session 2020-2021 has now begun and will open till August 7, 2020. Application form can be downloaded from THIS [ ... ]

Relief for Hmarbiel
22 Jul 2020 00:39Relief for Hmarbiel

July 21, 2020: Relief Materials including rice was distributed to needy families from Pherzawl, Tinsuong and Serhmun villages of Hmarbiel North Presbytery (Manipur South). This relief was distributed  [ ... ]

Gospel Camp at Sinlung, Lungthulien
19 Jul 2020 12:01Gospel Camp at Sinlung, Lungthulien

Gospel Camp for the youth department is being held at Sinlung, Lungthulien (Hmarbiel North Presbytery, Manipur South) with Pastor Lalsanglawm Vankal as the Speaker since Friday (17th July, 2020) with  [ ... ]

Thlai Thar Lawm 2020
19 Jul 2020 11:56Thlai Thar Lawm 2020

July is the season for the celebration of God’s bountiful blessings. Members of the Independent Church of India in every local church celebrate the ‘Thlai Thar Lawm’ (Thlai: vegetables/farm prod [ ... ]

Admission Notice: BCN/BSN
17 Jul 2020 01:37

Bethesda School and College of Nursing, Muolvaiphei, Churchandpur is starting admission in GNM & B.Sc. Nursing course for the academic session 2020-2021. For further details regarding admission, k [ ... ]

34th NPT Founding Day
11 Jul 2020 07:44

Today is the 34th founding day of the Nehemiah Prayer Team (NPT). We wish warm greetings to all the NPT members everywhere. The NPT had been founded in 1986 as a result of a series of Salvation Camps  [ ... ]

Executive Council Postponed Indefinitely
07 Jul 2020 07:59Executive Council Postponed Indefinitely

As notified by the the Executive Secretary, Rev. Dr. JL Songate, the Mid-term Council of the Independent Church of India for 2020 has been postponed indefinitely. This notification comes after due con [ ... ]

Project building to be inaugurated
05 Jul 2020 08:08Project building to be inaugurated

5th July, 2020: The third floor of the ICI Building at Bomdila, West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh will be inaugurated at 3PM today by Pastor Laltinsang. This floor is called ‘Project Building [ ... ]

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The Sielmat Bible College was established on 1st April, 1980. It offers a three years Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.) and two years Diploma in Theology (Dip. Th.) courses. It is accredited to the Asia Theological Association (ATA)...

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Pathien Thlarauin Hmar Khawvel a Maksan Nawh

By Tawnluaia

Pu L. B. Tuolte-in dated 17th May, 2019 nia, “Pathien thlarauin Hmarhai khawvel a maksan tah” ti thupui hmanga a lekha ziek website hrang tam taka thedar kha ka lo tiemsuok ve a, a huoisenin thu a ngam pap pap hle in ka hriet. “Pathien thlarauin hmarhai khawvel a maksan tah” iengleiin le iengtinam a zuk ti el thei a ti ngaituonain sawt fet chu a mi sukbuoi hle. Hmarhai hi ei nuom le ditthlangna nider loin India-in independent a hmu hma dai ta khan British sawrkarin ram a thenawi dungzuiin ram hrang hrang Manipur, Mizoram, Maghalaya, Assam, Tripura le Bangladesh-ah ei in zar phara, khawlai hmuna khawm Majority (tam lemna) ei nei der nawh ti chu hril ngai loa, ei hrietsa vawng a nih. Ram bung hrang hranga ei khawsa tawl hi politic-a chu ei hratnawna nisienkhawm hmar (as Hmar) anga ei lo hring ve theina chu a ni tlat. Entirna dingin Mizorama ei lo kawp vawng ni ta sienla chu, tuhin chu Lusei tawng hmang vawng tang ei ta, Hmar tawng hrie um mumal ta nawng ei tih. Pu L. B. Tuolte-in hmarhai khawvel a titak hi khawlai hmun tak him a ni a le? Vangngai tlang khu ning a ti? Pherzawl District hi hmar khawvel a ti chu ani dim? Pathien thlarauin a maksan tah ti iengtinam a hriet thei a, Pathien ni si lo chun? Pathien tluka vara an ngai ni ta mei a tih. Pathien thlarauin Hmarhai a maksan tah tih hre thei khawpa thlarau sin thaw le Pathien thlarauin mi a chenchil le a maksan tah hre thei khawpa varna nei chu, kei chun ka la hmu ngai der nawha, a hmu le a hrie in lo um khiet rawi mawh?

Chun, a tawngbausuok, “Salah!! Reverend pu” ti dam hi in hmusitna, deusawnna, inthamnawna tawng ana, mi puitlinga vantlangin an ngaihai chin chun an hmang ngai nawh. Pu L. B. Tuolte hi thenkhat chun hre ngei an ta, mi tam tak ruok chun iengang mi am ana ti khawm hre nawng an tih. Vawihni lai Salah!! Ti dam a hmanga, vaihai lem chun Salah!! Thumal hmang hi an theida khawpela insuol an ngam nghal chawtel anih. Pu L. B. Tuolte hrechingtuhai chun hiengang tawngbau a hmang hi mak ti lêm nawng an ta, a ma tawng awm tak hrim annawm ti liem mei mei an tih. A lekha ziek khawm hi mi tam tak chun dawn ve tlaka khawm an ngainaw hrima. Amiruokchu, a ma lo hrethang nawtuhai le ama ngei khawma hrietfiena a mamaw leiin, rin tak pum siin, thil umzie chieng lem ei hung tar lang tum anih.

A hmasatakin, Judahai chanchin a laksuok kha hang thlirkir vak inla. A lekha ziek Para 1a khan “Juda sakhuo hotuhaiin an ram le an hnam setan kuoma an zawr leiin Pathien thlarauin Israelhai a maksan” a tia. Para 5a khan “Israel sakhuo hotuhaiin an hnam le ram setan kuoma an zawr leiin Roman sawrkarin hmangaina boderin Israel hnam le ram an vuokdar” a tia. Israelhai chanchin a tiem ngai nawha, a hrietnaw chanchin a hril ana, a ma le ama a hrietnawzie an suklang chau anih. Israel sakhuo hotuhaiin an ram le an hnam Setan kuoma an zawr nawh tih Bible chang le an history besanin tarlang hei tum ei tih.

Israel/Judahai hi khawvel sungkuo lai po poa Pathien hrietbik, a hnam thlanga ei pawma (Deut. 7:6), nisienlakhawm khingtienga chu khawvel hnam po po laia tuor nasatak, ram tina indar nasatak an nia, mi rama umnaw lai an nei tlawm khawpel. An ta dingin khawvela hmun a um ve naw mani aw ti thei hiel ani. an hnam indar dan chu hieng ang hi ani. Lal ram pakhata um hlak kha suolna leiin an inthea, Israel le Juda ram an tia. (1 Lalhai 11:26-35), 12:16-20) Israel ram chu BC. 722 vela Assuria sawrkarin a laka, a ram chu hmun hrang hrangin a thenawia (2 Lalhai 17:6)

Chu hnunga chun Juda ram chu Babulon sawrkarin BC. 586in a lâka, temple hiel khawm suksiein, mi tam tak a thata, mi tam tak chu Babulona sala an intang nawk ta ani. (Jer. 39:1-10) Babulon lal chun Juda rama la umhai awp dingin Gadalia a tira (Jer. 40:5,7) Judahai chun Gadalia chu an that nawk tak leiin mi tam tak chu, Jeremia ngei khawm thuoiin. Aigupta tieng an raltlan nawk ta ani. (Jer. 41:2; 43:5-7)

Hun a hung fe peia Judahai Babulon sal intang kir nawk hnungin, Greek lal Alexander Ropuiin Juda ram a lak hnungin, mi tam tak Aigupta rama an lut nawk bawk anih. Hi lal hrat takel hin khawvel pumpui hne tumin a beia, India ram khawm BC 325-32 lai vel a a hung tlung hiel a ni kha. Ama do ngam le hne thei hrim um loin, a nuomna tieng tieng a ngha vel el anih. A hne ramhai chu Grik tawng an hmangtir peia, chuongchun mi nikhuo deu chin chun Grik tawng chu an lo hriet ta vawnga. Lal Isu huna lem khan chu khawvel tawng a lo ni thei ta hiel anih. Chuong chu ani leiin Bible -Thutlung thar khawm Grik tawngin an ziek ani kha.

Chu hnunga Rom sawrkar a hung lien hnungin Rom General Pompey-in Rom sipai tam tak thuoiin Palestina ram BC 63a, a bei nawka, mi tamtak sala thuoiin, an awp nawk taha. Lal Isu an hemde laia Rom sawrkar aiawa Juda ram awptu chu Pilat ani kha. Judahai hi hieng taka an indar nasa lei hin Isu pieng lai vel khan chu Palestina ram sunga nekin ram puo tieng an tam lem dai anih. Rom sawrkar a hung lien hma daia, Israel ram hi lo kawidar tah tih ei hmua, Assuria, babulon le Grik lalhaiin an lo awp dai tah ani kha.

“Israelhai kum 2000 vel lai an invâi kha an sakhuo hotuhaiin an ram le hnam Setan kuomah an zawr lei anih”. Pu L B Tuolte-in a ti hi evidence/document iengkhawm a phawrlang nawha, a nei ani chun hung phawrsuok sienla bengvarthlâk hleng a tih. Ringthu mei mei hril hi a hrisel nuom naw hle. An ram le hnamin a tuorna santak chu Biblein a hril, 2 Lalhai 17:7-8 hi a chieng tawk hle.

“Chuonga an umna san chu Israel thlahai chun Aigupta lal Pharao kuta inthawkin, Aigupta rama inthawka thuoisuoktu LALPA an Pathien chungah thil an suksuola, Pathien danghai an pawisa lema. LALPAIN Israel thlahai hmaa alo hnawt suok tah hnamhai thuruot le Israel lalhai thuruot anga an lo pawm tâk lei anih.”

An lalhai le mipuiin thilsuol thawa Pathien dang an biek leia Israel nauhaiin an tuor tih a chienga, an sakhuo thuoituhaiin an ram le hnam an zawr ti Bibleah ei hmu nawh. Pathienin Israelhai a maksan ngai nawha; an suola a THU an awinaw chun a thununin a hrem hlak. A kuom tieng an ngha nawk pha pha leh a lo lawm nawkin mal a sawm nawk hlak anih.

Hmar nauhai khawm Pathien thlarauin a maksan ngai nawha, maksan bawk nawng a tih. Pathien thlarauin ringtuhai a maksan ngai nawh ti hi thudik inkhel ngailo anih. (Matt. 28:20) A thu ei zawm nawh a, ei petsan ruok chun mi thunun hlak a tih. Chu khawm chu ei thatna ding lem ning a tih. Taksa mamawhai lamsuok a awlsam lem beiseina leiin mithenkhat chu Hmar biel le Jiribam le Vangai tlang tienga inthawkin Tuithaphai le Mizoram tieng an inpem mek renga. Hmarhai chau an ni nawha, ei unau Paite le hnam danghai khawm khawpui lem panin thing tlanga inthawkin Tuithaphaiah an lut teu ta a, tuta hmaa leilet bu hmunhaia khan inbawlin hnam dang miin an sip zo ta hi, Paitehai le hnam dang Kuki, Simte, vaiphei le hnam dang danghai hi Pathien thlarauin a maksan ta ei ti ding a ni? Mi tlawmtein fak le dawn zawng a awlsam lem beiseina leia Tuithaphaia le Mizoram le hmun dang tienga an inpem leiin Pathien thlarauin Hmarhai a maksan tah tina a ni nawh. Inpem lo tamtak an la um zing thoa, ringtuhai hi ei umna ta phawtah thlarau inthiengin a mi chenchil zing anih ti hi Pathien thudik anih. Pathien thlarauin mi maksan ngai naw nih. (Matt. 28:20) Thilsuol ei thawa a thu ei pawisa naw chun mi thununin mi hrem hlak bawk a tih.

Pu L B Tuolte hin Kohran le Fellowship danglamna khawm a hrietphak der nawh niin an lang. Ama ngaidan le hmu dana chun Kohran hi pawl pakhat (Association) ang chaua a hmu niin an lang. Isu Kristain Kohran an dina, Fellowship an din nawh (Matt. 16:18,19) Fellowship chu, inpawlkhawm tina chau ana; Kristian Fellowship chu Kristianhai Pathien be dinga fekhawm tina ning a tih. Hmar Christian Fellowship chu Hmarhai Pathien be dinga fekhawm tina ni bawk a tih. Constantinople inkhawmpui AD 381in Kohran indik zepui 4 (pali) a siemsuok laia pakhat chu Huopzo (Catholicos) ania, Chu chu khawvel mitin huop tina anih. Chulei chun Kohran chun hmun khat le hnam khat chau a kawk nawha, hmun tinreng le hnam tin chitin a huop vawng anih. Chutaka khawm chun tukhawm thlier bik um lovin, mi lien le mi chin, mi hausa le mi rimsie, pasal le nuhmei, bawi le bawi lo a huom vawng anih. (Gal. 3:28; Kol 3:11) Christian Fellowship hi Pathienin hrefu naw ni ei tina tieng pang ruok chu ani nawh. Hnam khat chau huop Fellowship chu kohran a tlingzo nawh.

Kohran umzie indik tak a hrietchieng naw leiin Pu L B Tuolte hin hnam le Kohran a keikawp tlat a tuma, abuoi ani hi. Kohran a chun hnam le chi le kuong a um nawha, Grik mi le Hebrai le Skutia mi an um thei nawha, Krista Isu a chun pumkhat ei nih. (Gal. 3:28; Kol 3:11) “ Aw, hnam po po le, chitin tawngtin hi,
Vanlal nau anga tapna Kalvariah;
An dang chuong nawh ie”
- (Suakliana)

Hnam pakhat huong sunga Kohran khumlût tum hi thil thar ani nawha, Juda mi thenkhatin Isu thi hnunga AD 30a Kohran a ngir hnung khan an lo tum ta a; nasatakin an buoia, an inselpha hrep ani kha. Juda thenkhatin ringtharhai chu Juda dan inzawmtir kher ding, ser intantir ding, chuong naw chun sandam ni thei naw ni tiin an nawr ani kha. Namen loin an insel ta raka, an inkhing ta a. (Gal. 2:12-14; TT. 15:2) Jerusalema inkhawmpuiin (AD.50)in a relfela, inkhawmpui chun Juda dan sunga Kohran khumlut chu a hnawl ta ni kha. ( . 15:10-20, 16:4.) Pu L B Tuolte hin Kohran fethlengin hnam inpumkhattir a tum niin anlanga, hi hi Bible thu kal tlat ani leiin hlawtling ngai naw nia, a sawl thlawn mei mei ning a tih. Kohrana hnam politics an leng ve nawh. (TT.15:10-20). Independent Kohran chau khawm hi hang en inla, a Kohran sunga hnam 32 chuong lai an uma, Kristaa an rengin pumkhat an ni leiin, hnam thu hrilna chi ani nawha, hnam pakhat ta chau ani bawk nawh. Kohran a ngirnasan tak chu Chanchin Tha hrildar anih. (Mk. 16:15)

Chanchin Tha hrildarna dinga hmangruo tangkai tak chu Kohran anih. Kohran hi Missionary ani bawka, Kohran hi ringtu mi mal nun chawmtu ani ang bawkin Kohran luongsuokna (Mission) hi Kohran nun sukhrattu ania. Hi thu hi Pathien thupek anih. (Mtt. 28:19, LK. 10:3) Kohran hi khawvel puma Chanchin Tha hril dinga ko ana, chu chu a thaw naw chun Kohran nih a tling zo nawh anih. Independent Kohran ngei khawmin Lal Isu thupek sukpuitling tumin Delhi, Punjab le Uttar Pradesh ah ringthar siemin Kohran an indin mek peia. Ringthar an nei sa pei leiin India ram khawpuitak Delhi a Chanchin Tha hrildarna dinga tangkai le ringthar lo um tasahai enkawltu dingin hmangruo tangkaia beiseiin Independent Kohran chu indin ve anih. Hi Kohran hin nasatakin India hmar tienga rawngbawlna a sukhrata, enkawltu sin tangkai taka thaw mek zing anih.

Hi Independent Kohrana hin hnam chi hrang hrang iemanizat zet, tawng chi hrang hrang hmang an uma, hnam chitin an inleng vawnga, tu hnam ta bik khawm ani nawh. Inkhawmna hun hranna Hindi le nuom nuom tawng, ei hriet tlang thei, saptawng khawm ni raw se. Mizo hnathlak tawng hrang hrang hmanga inkhawmna a uma. Hindi hmanga inkhawmna za tel an uma; vaihai an ni deu taka, ei ni mi khawm an thang bawk hlak. Hriet tlang thei, nuom nuom tawng hmang theinaah thahnem tam tak an inkhawm hlaka; Hmar an ni vawng nawh a, Independent Kohran mihai ruok chu an nih. Pathien Thu an buoipuia, hnam bing politics an buoipui ve ngai nawh.

Pu L B Tuolte-in “Mipuiin an sietpui ding ti ngaituo loin lulul insuoin Kohran hotuhai bawkin Delhiah pawl hran an indin” para 8 (a lekha ziek) a ti hi ieng a tina am a na? Delhi a hin mipui maktaduoi tel fet an um a, tuta hma dai ta khan Kohran hrang hang, doctrine (thuring) hrang hrang zui tam takel an lo um dai ta a. Delhi mipuiin an sietpui ti khawm ei hriet ngai bawk nawh. Kohran tam takel chu kum zatel lo um an ni tah (Roman Catholic Anglican, Methodist, Reformed Presbyterian etc.) hril seng ani nawh. India hmarsak (Northeast) tienga inthawka Delhia fethla, Mizo hnathlak Kristianhai hang la bik deu inla, Ei unau Paitehai chu EBC le Church of Christ Kohrana an inkhumlut deu taka, unau Vaipheihai chu Kohrana le Fellowshipa an in telkhawm deu taka. Mizo intibik deu lai Presbyterian Kohran a ngir ta bawka. Baptist kohran khawm ngir ve nawng a tih ti thei khawm ani nawh. United Penticostal Church (UPC) khawm an lo um dai ta bawk. Thuring le inthuoi dan fel tak nei vawng an nih. Delhi mipuiin an sietpui ti khawm ei hriet ngai bawk nawh.

A lekhaziek dated 17th May, 2019, para 8a a hril hi Independent Kohran 3rd March 2013a ngir ta kha a hrilna niin an langa. Hi Kohran indin hi mipui buoina khawp a tling zo nawha, an buoi bawk nawh. A buoihai chu mi tlawm te rek. Kohran le hnam danglamna khawm hre hrang lo, Independent Kohran er le theida ta reng renga khawsa, Kohran hi hnam huongsunga khumlut tum tal, Bible thu kala, Jerusalem inkhawmpui AD 50a a lo hnawl dai tah, Kohran hi hnam le keikawp tlat tum, mani veng tieng senga an lo umna Kohran a hranpa a indin thei si lohai an ni deu tak niin an lang. Ani ngeiluoa, nuom inla khawm khawpui Delhi anga Kohran indin chu hmun le ram man a tam taluo baka hmun ruok a vanga, thil thaw mei mei chi ani naw hrim anih.

Kohran indin hi, Diebol a sinthaw ni loin, Pathien chatuon remruot, Krista-a thaw a tum chu anih. (Eph. 3:10,11) Kohran do hi Pathien thil tum kal ani leiin an hlawtling sawng ngai nawh. Rom sawrkar hrat le ropui, khawvel awptu an ti hiel khawmin, sukrem tumin a hmangruo hriet po po hmangin bei sienlakhawm, kum 300 vel deu thaw a bei hnungin hlawsamin an thal dera, an kuom tieng a thang ta lem a ni kha.

Israelhai hi Biblea ei hmu angin Pathien I hriet bik, ahnam thlang an nia (Deut. 7:6) nisienlakhawm khingtieng panga chu hnam popo a tuor nasatak, ram tina indar nasa tak an ni ti thu ei lo hril ta kha. An ram ngei 1948a an neikir nawk hnung lem khan chu khawvel ram popo ngaisang an hlaw a. An ram let za tam taka lien le mihriem let za tam taka tamhai, an ram chite rek inhuolveltuhai khawmin, an ngam thei lo an ni khu. Jordan mihai lem chun Israel ram ngha zawngin silai vawikhat khawm an kappuok ngam nawh anih. An thluok a tha bika, an inpekzo bawka, an tuolbawm ramhai i tisim an ni khu. Hnam hmusitum an ni nawha, mi ngaisang an ni lem. An Pathien be loa hnam dang Pathien kuoma an in tuklut pha chun Pathien thununna ruok chu an tuok hlak. (2 Lalhai 17:6-8) Pu L B Tuolte hin khawvel chanchin le Israelhai chanchin lo tiem ngun deu sienla chu huoi deu deua, a hma tawk tawk, a ziek el hlak hi sim deu mei a tih. Ama le ama a pawnlangzie an keilang mei mei anih.

Thil po po, a se ta phawta, Kohran hotuhai mawsietel hi indik naw nih. Ei hun tawng peia ei rengin, khawtlang thuoitu nu le pa, kohran thuoituhai seng mawphurna ning a tih. Tukhawm bâng thei chuong bik naw nihai. Manipur simthlang ram chau khawm hi tu hnam khawm Kohran pakhata chaua inkhumkhawm an um nawh. Mani rilrem zawng thuring zui seng ei ni leiin Kohran hrang hranga ei fu hrang nuoi el chu ani hi. Thuring hrang hrang zui, Kohran hrang hranga umhai iengtinam hnam khat hnuoia tla thei ei ta? Kohran hi a hmu khawhria, buoina siemtu taka a ngaia, Hmar Christian Fellowship hi hnam inpumkhatna dinga thataka a ngai ani si chun iengda Pu L B Tuolte hin Hmar cheng tamna khuo Senvawn, Parbung, Patpuihmun, Rengkai, Saikawt, Sielmat, Hmarkhawlien, Saidan, Muolvaiphei, Shillong, Muolhawi le hmun dang danga Hmar Christian Fellowship hi an din naw? Hi hi mi tam tak hriet nuom chu ni ngai a tih. Ralkhata tawngbau buluk tak tak hmanga inrumkhum inrumkhum hin umzie iengkhawm nei chuong nawng a tih. Ama ngei hangin Hmar Christian Fellowship indin raw se. Chu chu mi puitling lemhai thaw dan ding ni lem a tih. Delhia lo inhrosa rakin ram hla a phak ring a um nawh.

Kohran indin hi Pathien thil tum Krista’n thaw a tum chu anih. (Matt.16:18, Eph.3:10-11) khawlai hmuna khawm Kohran indin hi Pathien thil tum ana, Diebola intan Pu LB Tuolte’n a ti hin innghatna Pathien thu (Bible chang) iengkhawm a nei der nawh. Ama mimal ngai dan, besan ding nei si lo, an hukpui ve mei mei chau anih. Lekhapuon sukhek mei mei loin umzie, inghatna fel tak leh lekha ziek ta hlak sienla thil tha tak ni ngei a tih.

Mizorama ngei khawm khin Kohran pawl hrang hrang 68 neka tam rau a uma, Hmarhai tamtak chu khi Kohran pawl hrang hrang khin a inzep ve a. Khi Kohran pawl hrang hrang khi Diebola intan, Pathien thlarauin a maksan (LB Tuolte) a tina ani? an naw leh, Hmarhai chau khi Pathien thlarauin a maksan a tina ani? Assam le Maghalaya ram sung ngeia khawm Kohran tam tak a uma, Hmar nauhai tam tak Kohran hrang hranga an kawp tawl bawka. Khi kohran pawl hrang hranghai khi Diebola intan Pathien thlarauin a maksan a tina ani? an naw leh. Hmarhai chau a maksan a tina? Manipura Hmarhai chau khi, hnam danghai thangloin, Pathien thlarauin a maksan a tina ani?

An le, Hmar Christian Fellowship chau hi, a dang thangsa loin, Pathien thlarauin a umpui zing le a maksan lo, a tina ani? Pu L B Tuolte hin Judahai/

Israelhai a hril nuolnaa Pathien thlarauin, an sakhuo hotuhaiin an ram le an hnam setan kuomah an zawr leiin, Israelhai a maksan a tia. An nghatna le evidence/documents lem chu a tarsuok der nawh. Ringvang thu mei mei ziek loin an nghatnahai (supporting documents) hung phawrsuok sienla ei lo var pha deu tak duoiin.

Kohran hi hnam le keimat tal tal ei tuma, hnam pakhat huong sungah khumlut tal ei tum chun buoi zing ei ta, hlawtling chuong ngai bawk naw nih. Hnam thil kohrana laklut hi Bible – Pathien thu kal tlat ani leiin hnam thuoiu le Kohran thuoituhai khawm fimkhur a tul renga (Gal. 2:12-14) ( .15:2) (Gal.15:4-5) TT.15:10; 15:13-20, 16:4). Hmar hnam pumpui aiaw zo naw sienkhawm. Manipur simthlang ram Tuithaphai thangsain, Hmar umkhawmna deu chikte khi hang enkir inla. Pu Tlangvalin Chanchin Tha a hung putluta, THADO KUKI PIONER MISSION an dina. A mission a hung lien peia state hrang hranga ringtu an um tak leiin a mission chu NEIG (Northeast India General Mission) an buka. Sapram tieng mission hotuhai anin sukbuoi leiin NEIG Mission chu a kawia Mission pahnih, NEIG Mission le IBP Mission (Indo Burma Pioner Mission) a ngir pha t a. IBP Missiona umhai chu, Manipur ram sunga Independent Kohranin an ngira, Hmarhai an ni deu tak (1930). Kum 1952in NEIG Mission kawidar nawkin Paite, Kuki, Gangte, Vaiphei, Hmar, NEIG Missiona la umsunhai, etc. mission/kohran hming hrang hrang put sengin an ngir hrang taa. NEIG mission chu an phum fel ta anih.

Independent Kohran chu hung inthang phut phutin kohran lien takel a hung ni nawk taa. Amiruokchu, a sung tieng kawrawngna rieu a nei tlat leiin thuneitu insangtak Assembly rorel kalin hotu lien pakhatin a phindar nawka. AG Mission le EFCI a pieng suok nawk taa. EAC (Evangelical Assembly Church) a inthawkin Reformed Presbyterian kohran a suok ve nawka. EFCI (Evangelical Free Church of India) a inthawkin Methodish kohran a pieng nawka. A.G Kohran hmun hniin an inthenawi nawk peia. Kohran hrang hranga inthawka fekhawm United Pentecostal Church (UPC) hlak hmunhni bawkin UPC Northeast le Mizoram UPC in an inthenawi nawk bawka. Hrilhmai khawm la nei mei ei tih. Chuongchun, an inthennawi ta pheng phung el a ni chu. Mizo hnathlak danghai khawm anni ve tho; an inthenawi tam taluo nawh thi thu chau anih. Kohran thuoituhaiin am, amipuihaiin maw anphur lien lem ding? Kohran thuoituhai chau intum bik chu indik thei bik nawng a tih. Mipui khawmin mawphur lien ve tho an tih. Mipuiin eizui tlat sinaw chun iengtinam Kohran thuoituhaiin kohran phindar thei an ta? maw ei phur tlang vawng anih. Ei phutawk char thuoitu ei nei a nih.

Khaile, ei lo tawng rawn ta deu bawka tu tuma ding chun dittawk phawt inla. Ka zuk ngen nuom tak chu unaupa L B Tuolte hin, hi a chunga ei hrilhai khi ngunthluk takin tiem sienla Pathien thu Bible le documents besanin hung let khup ngei raw se. Besan nei lo, mi mal ngaidan ringawt, huoi deu deua lekha ziekin umzie a nei ngai nawh.

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