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70th General Assembly at Sielmat
21 Oct 2019 13:0370th General Assembly at Sielmat

The 70th Ggeneral Assembly of the Independent Church of India will be held at Sielmat, Churachandpur, Manipur from 4th to 8th December, 2019. Some important notes for the General Assembly are: Date o [ ... ]

NPT Guest House
03 Oct 2019 06:18NPT Guest House

3 Oct 2019: Guest House for the Nehemiah Prayer Team (NPT) was dedicated to the LORD this morning by Rev. Lalneikhup Hmar, Presbytery Secretary of Tuithaphai Presbytery. The house has been built with [ ... ]

Seminar on Cyber Crime
29 Sep 2019 04:17Seminar on Cyber Crime

28 Sept. 2019: A seminar on Cyber Crime was held at the ICI Secretariat, organised by the Youth Department of Tuithaphai Presbytery. Emmanuel L. Fimate, MPS was the resource person. More than 100 you [ ... ]

One Day Staff Retreat 2019
25 Sep 2019 04:00One Day Staff Retreat 2019

One Day Retreat at NPT Prayer Mount 24 Sept. 2019: One Day Staff Retreat for ICI Secretariat, Sielmat Bible College and Tuithaphai Presbytery was held today at the Nehemiah Prayer Mountain (NPT [ ... ]

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This centre is an important project of the Independent Church of India, established to help the poor rural people in all health matters. The MRH&RC is now a well established health centre with different projects, units and services and is...

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The Bethesda Social Service Centre (BSSC) and the Bethesda Church was established in 1995 at Mahipalpur Extension, New Delhi with financial contributions from the Shinam Church and the Chodong Church of the ...

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Bethesda School of Nursing is an affiliated nursing educational institute which is recognized by Indian Nursing Council, Delhi. It was affiliated by Assam Nurses Midwives and Health visitors Council, Guwahati, Assam and later...

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The Rural Women Upliftment Society (RWUS) is one of the leading registered society in Churachandpur through the registration number 234. It is also an important member of the United NGO Mission-Manipur (UNM-M)...

Nehemiah Prayer Team

The NPT had its roots in the Salvation Camp organised by the District Youth Committee held at Beulah Boarding, Sielmat during July 7-11, 1986 with Rev. HC Thiek (Salvation), Rev. Lalngaisang (Christian Ethics), Rev...

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Adam nakrua inthawk nuhmei siem a nih

By Johny Laldinthar F. Tusing, UBS, Pune

LALPA Pathien chun mihriema inthawka a lâk nâkru chu nuhmeiah a siem a, mihriem kuoma chun a ṭhuoi a. Gen. 2:22

Pathienin pasal (Adam) le nuhmei (Evi) a siem dân hi mak danglâm tak el chu a nih. Siem dana hin a chunghnunglem le a hnuoihnunglem ruok chu a um naw, amiruokchu umzie inthûktak neia danglamna chu a um ngei a ni ti chu hmu thei a nih. Hi lai thu tak el hi, ei thusep thlûr tum chu a  nih.

Gen.2:7 a chun, ‘LALPA Pathienin hnuoia pilvutin mihriem a siem a, a hnâra chun hringna thuok chu ân thuok lût a; chuongchun, mihriem chu mi hring a hung ni tah a’ ti hi pasal (Adam) siema  a um dan chu a nih. Gen. 2:22 a ruok chun, ‘LALPA Pathien chun mihriema inthawka a lâk nâkru chu nuhmeiah a siem a,’ ti hi nuhmei (Evi) siem a nî dân chu a nih. Nuhmei le Pasal chuh Pathien angpuia siem ei ni si chun iengleia siem dan danglam ve ve ei ni am ana? Pathienin pasal le nuhmei a siem dana hin pawimawna (significance) a um nîng a tî?

Tienami: Tirko Paula’n, ‘tienami mei mei…ngaisaklo dingin kawk dingin’ ti de sienkhawm ei thuchai le inzuol a ni leiin hei suklang zuou ei tih. Sumerian (Mesopotamia mihai) hai chun tienami mak danglamtak el ‘Dilmun Poem’ a inthawka laksûok an neia. Pasal nâkru a nuhmei siem chungchang tienami a nih. Sumerian ṭawng chun nâkru hi ‘tî’ ti  a ni, a umzie chu ‘sukhring amani hringna inneitir’ ti a nih. An tui pathien Enki chu a nâkru ṭhangsa-in taksa bung 8 zet el a sie leiin, natakin a damnawa, Sumerian hai pathiennu Ninhursag chun Enki nâkru sukdamna dingin Ninti chu Enki nâkru a inthawkin a siema, chuleiin ‘nâkru a inthawka indin nuhmei’ ti a nih, ‘sukhringtu nuhmei’ tia hriet khawm a nih. Enki le Ninti hai chu hlimtakin an khawsa taa, tiin Sumerian hai chun tienami anlo nei. Enki chu Ninti leia damna hmu in Ninti chu a sukhringtu a nih.

Biblical Exegesis:
Nâkru ti hi Hebrai ṭawng chun צֵלָע (tsela) a ni a, Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon (BDB) in a hrilfie dân chun ‘Genesis a ‘tsela’ hi Bible a vawi 39 a hmangnaa hi thu chara hin nâkru tia inlet a nih, vawi 19 lai chu temple (biekin) bawlna le inzawma a sirtieng hrilnaa hmang a nih. Chuleiin, Adam nâkru hi a sîrtienga inthawkin ti thei a nih.

New American Commentary in a hrilfie naa chun, ‘Pathienin Adam nâkru kher ahmangna a hin תַּרְדֵּמָ֛ה (tardema) inhniktakin ân intir a ti hi, Jonah 1:5-6 a ‘tuisuorieta thlipui nasatak ân hrângtir laia lawng sûngril taka a ininnghil (tardema)’ a hmangna char kha  ani a, det taka in-na (deep sleep)a nih. Hi lai tak hin Pathienin pasal nâkru a lakdawk (surgical act of God) chu a nih. A pawimawtak chu danglam taka siem/induong ei ni ti hi a nih. Hi nâkru hin nuhmei chu pasal ang chara taksa nei, anṭanna (source) thuhmun a ni leiin Adam in, ‘Hi zet hi chu ka ru ang ru neia, ka taksa ang taksa nei ngei chu a nih,’ a tih. Protestant Reformers hai chun, ‘Nuhmei chu pasal ke-a inthawka laksuok a ni nawa, pasal lu-a inthawka lâk a ni bawk nawh, pasal sirtieng nâkru a inthawka laksuok le danglam taka Pathienin pasal sîrtienga inthawka a siem a ni leiin a chunghnung bîk le anhnuoi bîk um loa angkhat, thuhmun an ni zie a suklang,’ an tih.

Thilsiemhai popo laia Adam le Evi (pasal le nuhmei) chauin inpawlna (fellowship/companionship) an nei theia, inangna (commonality) le thawtlang theina (partnership) annei theina hi Thilsiem dân (Creation order) danglamna a nih. Pasal le nuhmei inlaichinna inhnaizie, tarlangna dingin Pathienin pasal sîrtienga nâkru kher a hmangna san chuh, Pasal sîrtienga nâkru hmanga mihriem bawk siem chu thil la tlung ngailo, thiltlung hmasatak a hung ni a, hringna a hung neia, nuhmei ti a hung ni tah. Hieng ang hi tlung ta ngawi bawk naw nih.

Gen.2:18 hin lungthu pathum pawimawtak tak a hril- (i) Mihriem ama khât baka a um hi a ṭha nawh ie; (ii) ama ṭhangpuitu ding; (iii) ân kawppui ding âwm mî siempêk ka tih ie tihai hi an nih. Hi taka ṭhangpuitu ti tak el hi hei suimet ei tih. Adam ṭhangpuitu (עֵ֖זֶר- ezer) ding a ti hin taksa (physical), a ruola (midang lê) khawsa thei (social), lungril ngaituona (psychological) le thlarua (spiritual) tienga ṭhangpuina  a huom vâwng a nih. Hebrai ṭawnga ‘ezer’ hi Eben-ezer- ‘ṭhangpuitu lung’ ti hung suokna a nih. Thuthlung Hluia ‘ezer’ ṭhangpuitu hmangna hi Pathien ti a ni deu vawnga, chuleiin nuhmei hi ‘ṭhangpuitu’ thumal hmang leia siehnuoina/inhnuoilem a ngaina ei nei chun Pathien ṭhangpuitu hi anhnuoi lem ning a ti? ti hi zawna pawimawtak a nih. Ṭhangpui ngai leia ṭhangpuina pe ding lem an nih. Amiruokchu ṭhangpuitu an nina â, an mawphurna le ân thaw ding (functional role) chu tamtak a um a, Tirko Paula in Gen.1-3 a hrilna thua ‘Pasal hi nuhmei ta dinga siem a ni bawk nawh a, nuhmei ruok chu pasal ta dinga siem a ni lem’ le dang danghai hi hriet ṭha hlêng a tih. (Tirko Paula le nuhmei hai ngirhmun hi hun danga la ziek tum ei tih) LXX Septuagint (Thuthlung Hlui Greek ṭawnga inlet) chun βοηθοσ-boêthos tiin an inlet, vawi 45 hmangnaa 42 zet el chu ‘a hrat lemin a hrâtlo lem ngirhmun det lema a um theina dinga ṭhangpuina in a hmang.’ Ânle Pasal chuh a hrâtnaw lem ning a ti? Ni lo e, achunga lungthu pathum anga pawimawtak tak suklanga umhai khi enin, an kawppui ding ama angpui ṭhangpuina pe theitu ding siempek lem el chau a nih. Chuleiin ṭhangpuitu (ezer) hin inangna (equality) a kawka, hrâtnawlem/inhnuoilem (inferior) nêk hmanin ‘chalânglemna a kâwk’ niin ṭhenkhat chun anhril hiel. Interpret (inlet) suol thei a ni leiin fîmkhur chu a ṭha, Feminist hai fesuolna tak khawm a nih. Makhâta chaua khawsawt taka um kha a kawppui (companionship) le ṭhangpuitu dinga siem a nih.

Hebrai Bible a chun ṭhangpuitu chau a ti nawa, כְּנֶגְדּֽוֹ׃ עֵ֖זֶר (ezer kenegdow) ṭhangpuitu inmil/ṭha/ditum (suitable partner) a ti kher. ‘Kenegdow’ chu ‘inkungkaina/inlaichinna nei’ ti thei khawm a nih (BSI a hin chieng fawkin a hmang nawh) Chuleiin, Evi hi sukfamkimtu a ni a, eltu/ eptu (competitor) a ni naw ti hi, a ṭawngbul hin a sukchieng hlê.

Medical tukver a inthawk thlîrin, mihriem nâkru hin insiemṭhatnawk theina (regenerative power) maktak el a neia, nâkru lâkhmang (ribs graft surgery) hi mûr (tissue) inzawmna (perichondrium) a sukse naw chun sawtnawte in a hung mawng/ṭo nawk el thei bawk. Chuleiin, Adam nâkru inhmang hi sawtnawte (temporary) a ding a ni a, a ru-le-châng kimloa invakvai ding a ni nawh. Evi hi hmangruo dang mei meia siem ni loin, Adam (Hebrai ṭawngin ‘ha-adamah’ -the human- mihriem tina a ni a, ‘adamah’ chu ‘pil, hnuoi’ tina a nih) mûr (tissue) um tasaa siem a nina hin Pathien angpui ngeia siem a ni zie le taksa thuhmun/inang puta induong an nih a tarlang.


Ei lo ziek sei deu ta leiin, hieng hin tlângkâwmna siem el ei tih. Pasal hai thuhne tumna dâm, pasal laka thuneina kengkaw tum dâm, pasal hai inzanawna le iengmaloa ngaina, nupa ni tasi-a pasalhai hriet loa thurûk nei sum le paia dâm anlo um pal chun, siema a umna san a ṭhel letder a nih. Khingtienga nuhmei hmusitna, hrâtlo lem, hrietna tlawm, mâwl lema ngaina, nuhmei diriemna, ngainêpna, siehnuoina le inhnuoi lema sie tumna lungril ei put chun Pathien thilsiem a ei chiengnaw a nih. Hieng ang fepuia ngaidân khermei tak neitu chu fesuolna (fallacy) a nih. Nuhmeihai hi ezer (ṭhangpuitu) hlutak el ei nih. Hi dinga Adam nâkru-a inthawka siem ei nih. Hi hlutna, hratna, thilthawtheina hmangin insûng, Kohrân, khawtlâng le ei sinthawna hmuna hai suklangtu, kawkhmutu le hmangtu nî rawp dingin tiemtuhai eiin ngên a nih.

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