ICI Central Choir : 2 videos to be released

Two new music videos of the ICI Central Choir, “Khawvel Hnena” and “Wylwn” will be released on 9th May, 2019 (Thursday) at 7:00pm (IST) at the Gospel Centenary Guest House by Rev. Lalhmingthang, Secretary Ministries, Independent Church of India. The program will be streamed live (for those interested to watch the releasing program).  Please subscribe to ICI Central Choir Official Channel at YouTube.

The following is the program:

Conductor: Rev. Alan L. Thiek
Song of Praise
Preview: Lalthlawnpek Tusing, Choir Conductor
Releasing ceremony: Rev. Lalhmingthang
Short Speech: Elder Ramhlunsang, Vice Chairman, Central Youth Department, ICI
Short Speech: Rev. HP Runremthang, YCO & Choir Adviser
Closing Prayer: Rev. BL Sandam

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