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The musical ministry of the Independent Church of India is one of its most notable ministries. The Church recognises the importance of music in worship and in touching the hearts of both its members and non-members.

In 2008, the Assembly Musical Society (AMS) celebrated its 50th year.

When the Church was established, music was an important bond that kept its members together in worshipping God. Even though the Musical Society has not yet been established, every ICI district already had musical committees.

In 1958, the ICI general Assembly established a musical committee to join all district musical societies together. Mr. HV Sunga became the first Chairman and Mr. H. Tuolien the first Secretary of the Musical Committee. Other members consisted of district presbytery chairman and secretaries along with two presbytery delegates.

Chairman and Secretaries from 1958-2008

1. Pastor HV Sunga 1958-1959
2. VL Ringa 1959-1960
3. Pastor HV Sunga 1960-1975
4. Rev. CC Rema 1975-1979
5. Pastor HV Sunga 1979-1987
6. Rev. Mangsawiluoi 1987-1989
7. Rev. CK Thanga 1989-1991
8. Rev. Mangsawiluoi 1991-1998
9. Elder Paulienmang 1998-2002
10. Rev. Mangsawiluoi 2002-2005
11. Elder L. Remtluong 2005-2009

1. Mr. H. Tuolien 1958-1959
2. Pastor T. Khuma 1959-1960
3. Pastor Sapbawi 1960-1967
4. Rev. CC Rema 1967-1969
5. Elder KT Suoka 1969-1972
6. Rev. Mangsawiluoi 1972-1974
7. Rev. L. Remsang 1974-1981
8. Mr. VL Rawna 1981-1984
9. Mr. HT Vela 1984-1987
10. Mr. F. Doliensung 1987-1990
11. Elder Paulienmang 1990-1993
12. Mr. F. Doliensung 1993-2005
13. Mr. L. Hmingsang Joute 2005-2009

Memorable Years/Points
1. 1958: Pastor HV Sunga and Pastor T. Khuma were selected to harmonise the Independent Song Book
2. 1962: Assembly Musical Committee was changed to “Assembly Musical Society” at Lakhipur General Assembly, Cachar.
3. Mr. Ruota and Mr. Thangvung were selected to be the first Assembly Musical Society examiners.
4. The first person to publish a book on the Tonic-Solfa was Pastor HV Sunga.
5. 1963: The AMS Chairman and Secretary became ex-officio members of the General Assembly.
6. Mr. Lalparlien was the first to prepare the Kristien Hlabu: Tonic SolfaÂ
7. 1961: The Presbytery Musical Society was established.
8. 1964: AMS term was extended to three years.
9. 1965: Tonic Solfa Examination was started.
10. 1968: AMS annual session came to be included in the programme of the ICI General Assembly.
11. 1971: It was decided to publish children song book
12. 1976: It was decided to publish a staff notation tutorial. This was t be prepared by Pastor Sapbawi.
13. 1981: ICI workers who have Tonic Solfa certificates were given allowances from this year onwards.
14. 1981: The Evangelical Convention Church (ECC) was given affiliation and an examiner.
15. 1981: The Kuki Christian Association (KCA) was given permission to translate 109 songs from the Independent Kohran Hlabu (Independent Church Song Book) into their language.
16. 1984: Musical competitions of different ICI departments went under the purview of the AMS.
17. 1984: Rev. Mangsawiluoi, Pro-Pastor Ngamlalchawl, Pro-Pastor D. Ngela Sakum and Elder L. Remtluong became the first Diploma Holders sponsored by the AMS when they graduated from the Tonic Solfa & Music Training, Aizawl.Â
18. 1986: Uniformity in judging of ICI music competitions was introduced.
19. 1986: Diploma Examination was granted. The first Diploma Examiner was Elder L. Remtluong.
20. 1989: The Simte Church was given permission to translate all songs of the Independent Kohran Hlabu into their own language.
21. 1990: The Evangelical Organisation Church (EOC) was given permission to translate 87 songs from the Independent Kohran Hlabu.
22. 1992: The Zomi Christian Musical Committee was given permission to translate all songs from the Independent Kohran Hlabu.
23. 1992: The Evangelical Convention Church (ECC), Thanlon District was given permission to conduct classes on Tonic Solfa and to conduct Intermediate Examination. To conduct classes and examination, Rev. Mangsawiluoi, Mr. HV Vara, Pastor Lalhmuoklien and Elder Paulienmang were sent to Thanlon.
24. 1996: A music institute was opened. Students of the Sielmat Bible College were given one musical class each day by Mr. Buonglienkung.
25. 1999: The Sakechep Literature Committee, NC Hills District were given permission to translate all songs from the Independent Kohran Hlabu.
26. 2000: Mr. Buonglienkung was appointed as Music Promoter by the ICI Council.
27. 1.11.2000: This day, the CKTP and the AMS organised a joint programme to celebrate the appointments of Mr. Buonglienkung (Music Promoter) and Rev. HP Runremthang (YCO) at ICI Council Hall.
28. 2000: Mr. Buonglienkung was sent to undergo a Short Course Training in Music at Aizawl, Mizoram
29. 2000: The Kristien Thalaipawl (Youth Department) and AMS Bye-Law was published and was released by Rev. Mangsawiluoi.
30. 2006: With permission from the ICI Council, it was decided to publish the “Kristien Hlamawi Bu (Christian Worship Songbook).
31. 2006: Mr. Buonglienkung, Music Promoter was awarded the ''Lelte Best Choir Conductor Award 2006''
32. 2008: The AMS celebrates its 50th year and published a Souvenir.
33. November 3, 2008: Our beloved Music Promoter Mr. Buonglienkung was taken from us. We really miss him.
34. From 2008, the AMS is preparing for the Gospel Centenary celebrations.

Number of examinees who have passed Tonic Solfa and Staff Notation (1958-2008)
1. Elementary: 663
2. Junior: 1092
3. Intermediate: 240
4. Staff Notation: 2

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