The youth department is the backbone of the Church. The Saikawt Kristien Thalaipawl (Saikot District Christian Youth Department) was first formed. In 1962, 1965 and 1976 youth departments were formed in Senvon, NC Hills and Mizoram Districts respectively. But as there was no means for these youth departments to come together and share their experiences and plans, the ICI general Assembly (30th Assembly), in 1980 resolved to bring the youth together through an annual Youth Conference. Office Bearers for the Conference were also elected.

The first Youth Conference was held at Ngurte in 1981. Unfortunately, it could not be held the next year. But it was held again in 1983 at Rengkai. A Youth Coordinator (YCO) was also elected in 1982. The YCO has its offices in the ICI Headquarters Office.

Rev. HP Runremthang, Youth Coordinator

As the youth department now has a proper administrative set up, it could now organise camps, seminars, singing festivals, gospel trips, competitions and send its members to different places for trainings including music and theology. It was though one of the gospel camps that the Nehemiah Prayer Team (NPT) came into being.

In 1988, the General Conference could not be held. But the Youth Central Committee decided to send some of its members to Aizawl for musical training. The same year, the committee decided to establish the ICI Choir, a choir composed of talented youth. The ICI Choir has since been renamed "ICI Central Choir" and is one of the most famous choirs in Northeast India now.

The musical ministry of the Youth Department has been extremely rewarding. God uses the youth department to spread the gospel through its musical ministry. Its musical outreach programmes has reached even the most remote areas of Northeast India.

In 2006, the Silver Jubilee of the Saikot District Thalaipawl was celebrated at Ngurte and in February 2009, the 25th General Conference of the Youth Department was held at Hmarkhawlien, Asom.

The youth department has come a long way with the guidance of God. Please pray for its ministries so that the youth of today may not be led astray but rather be leaders of the Church and lead the way forward.

The Youth Department is one of the departments under the Department of Evangelism, ICI. The department is divided into Units and District/Mission Field levels with different committees to look into youth affairs.

The General Conference of the Youth Department is the highest authority of the Youth Department. The Central and the Executive Committees are there to look into matters related to the youth department at the central level. The YCO plays an important part in all these.

The YCO has its offices at Sielmat Headquarters Office of the ICI. The YCO coordinates all youth activities in all units and districts and maintains record of youth activities. The YCO also performs important pastoral ministries and organises camps, seminars and gospel crusades.

The motto of the Youth Department is "Youth For Christ."

Its main objectives are:
1. To lead all its members to Christ
2. To preach the gospel to those who have not known
3. To impart discipleship among believers
4. To teach its members to respect the rules of the Church and conduct their marriage according to the rules of the Church.
5. To prepare the youth to be the pillar and leaders in the Church.
6. To develop the youth through music and the Word.
7. To help those in need of help.
8. To fight against things prohibited by the government and the society and show how the youth should lead a good life.
9. To help the youth grow spiritually though the teaching of sound doctrine.

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