The Muolvaiphei Rural Health & Research Centre was established on March 8, 1993. This centre is an important project of the Independent Church of India, established to help the poor rural people in all health matters.

Although it was established in 1993, it had its roots in the Anti-Drug Camp organised by the ICI in 1987. By then, the Church and the society in general had become burdened with the problem of drug abuse. Through this camp, many drug-addicts sought a new life. The ICI therefore established a rehabilitation centre called the New Life Centre at Sielmat. Since money was very tight, the New Life Centre had only one house with a thatched roof.Â

Then God intervened. With initial donations from the Christian Aid Missions and the ICI General Assembly, the New Life Centre continues to function.

In 1992, the Executive Council of the ICI established a planning committee with Dr. L. Sinate as the Chairman and Rev. D. Ruolngul as the Secretary. This Committee renamed the Centre as ‘The Exodus Home’ which was, the same year, renamed again to ‘Rural Health & Research Centre’. A new site was also selected at Muolvaiphei. Since then, it came to be known as the Muolvaiphei Rural Health and Research Centre.Â

On March 8, 1993, the foundation for the Muolvaiphei Rural Health and Research Centre was laid by Rev. HL Bana, Moderator, ICI.Â

On October 1993, the foundation stone of the Out Patients Department (OPD) was laid by Rev. Wright Doyle, Director of Missions of the Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, USA. Construction of the OPD was also soon completed. Soon, new proposals and projects were made. In 1995, the Bethesda School of Nursing (BSN) was opened with financial assistance from the Government of India and also from the Government of Manipur. The BSN was inaugurated by PL Thanga, Commissioner (Health), Government of Manipur.Â

The MRH&RC is now a well established health centre with different projects, units and services.

Administrative Set up
1. The General Body with 50 members as the highest authority
2. Board of Directors with 14 members
3. Working Committee
4. Board of Reference
5. Regional Representatives

The MRH&RC is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1889 through the registration number 247 of 1990.

Foreign Contribution Registration
The MRH&RC is registered with the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of 1976 through the number 194160036.

MRH&RC and the ICI General Assembly
1. The MRH&RC is one of the societies under the Independent Church of India General Assembly.Â
2. As the MRH&RC was established by the General Assembly, only the General Assembly has the authority to expand or dissolve it.
3. All policies, budget and planning is done with the approval and knowledge of the ICI Executive Council.
4. All Office Bearers and Board of Governors are under the authority of the ICI Executive Council.
5. Election of members are done according to the bye-law of the MRH&RC and with the approval of the ICI Executive Council.
6. All changes, modifications, additions and deletions in the bye-law of the MRH&RC is done with the approval of the ICI Executive Council.
7. All properties of the MRH&RC belong to the Independent Church of India.
8. The MRH&RC Audit is done by the General Assembly Board of Auditors.

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