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The NPT had its roots in the Salvation Camp organised by the District Youth Committee held at Beulah Boarding, Sielmat during July 7-11, 1986 with Rev. HC Thiek (Salvation), Rev. Lalngaisang (Christian Ethics), Rev. Mangsawiluoi (Challenge) and Rev. D. Ruolngul (Bible Study). The NPT was the result of the salvation camp. Its main aims during its formation were praying and fasting and to collect food to help sponsor a missionary and spread the gospel. The same year on August, the first NPT Prayer Assembly was held at Sielmat where a Central Committee was elected. Soon, NPT nits came up in different places. Within a few years, NPT unit were set up in every ICI district and unit.
Nehemiah Prayer Team Mount at Muolvaiphei, Churachandpur
The first Chairman of the NPT, Mr. Lalmanlien had a dream and a vision for a prayer mountain. Very soon, God made things possible. In 1990, the NPT received permission to build a hall in a hill at Muolvaiphei village. On September 1990, the hall was completed and named PENIEL HALL. People from all around started to help develop this site. New buildings were built, new roads were made, trees planted, electricity provided and all necessary requirements provided. Different Christian groups started to use this prayer mountain for different types of camps. This site became a popular prayer centre for all Christians in and around Churachandpur. Many people have contributed in building many prayer cabins too, including those from South Korea.

The NPT General Conference is being held every year where NPT unit representatives congregate and share their experiences and services. The NPT is a growing ministry. The NPT Central Choir is at the moment working hard to bring unbelievers to Christ through music and prayer. Now, it has units in all ICI Presbyteries. It has four mission fields, units in Tripura, New Delhi and even in the USA.

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