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The Sarepta Foundation is one of the projects of the ICI. Under it, members and groups contribute money to support the Church. Its main aim is to have a fixed deposit in the bank so that its interests could support the ICI Assembly workers who have received pension.Sarepta Foundation Fund

The ICI Executive Council appoints eleven members to form the Sarepta Foundation Managing Committee who will be in office for the Assembly terms. Its account will be audited by the Assembly Auditor Board.

The Sarepta Foundation (SF) was established by the Independent Church of India for the continual support of those pensioners of the Assembly. In the beginning, its name was "Lalram sanna" meaning, support for the kingdom of God. In 1999, a bye-law and ways to receive funds was drafted. The 1999 Executive Council's 99th resolution number 2 appointed eleven managing committee members. In the February 1999 Executive Council sitting number 99, resolution number 2 changed its name from Lalram San to Sarepta Foundation: 5000 members club.

At the March 5, 2000 General Assembly Golden Jubilee celebrations held at Sielmat, the managing committee made a call to the congregation to become a member of the foundation. That year, the Church statistics was collected and it was revealed that by 2010, there would be 60 Assembly pensioners. It was planned to raise a fund of Rs. 20,000,000. It was planned that the pensioners would be paid their salaries through the interests received from the bank.

From the year 2000, several steps were taken to increase its membership to 5000 and also to increase the funds. Plots were purchased so that it could be resold later; loans were disbursed too.

The names of everyone who donated are regularly listed in the Kristien magazine of the ICI every month. By the year 2010, the SF has 1625 members.

Anyone can be a part of this foundation. How?

There are different categories of members. Those contributing Rs. 200-500 every month are included as regular members; those contributing Rs. 500-1000 every month are included as Memorial members those contributing more than Rs. 1000 every month are included as Gold Members. Those irregular contributors are included as special contributors and those contributing Rs. 10,000 are included as Super Contributors. Every contributor is awarded a certificate.

Why should you join?

The SF was established for the continual care of those who had spent all their lives in the service of the Church. In 1910, the gospel came to South Manipur. By 1939, there had already been pensioners from the Church. As we are now a Church that had celebrated its Gospel Centenary, we already have 42 pensioners. We spent Rs. 91,840/- every month to pay the salaries of the pensioners. In addition, there are 22 pensioners who had passed away. In paying the salaries of these 64 pensioners, the Church spends Rs. 96,399/- every month.

Moreover, within the next ten years, the Church would have 45 more pensioners. It means that by the year 2020, the Church would be having 109 pensioners. There could be more.

We all know that our lives are not in our hands. How have you been spending your life till now? What special contribution have you made in your life that could be called worthwhile?

Please pray with us so that God's work can continue to be revealed through the Church and not be bogged down by financial constraints.

Thank you so much for reading this. May God bless you.

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