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The School of Leadership Development (SOLD) is a member of the Global LEAD Alliance with the motto: "Servant Leader in the Model of Jesus Christ" (Mk. 10:45).School of Leadership Development

Seeing the urgency for the fulfilment of the mission of our Lord Jesus (to make disciples) has given us will requires believers who are capable, Christ-like leaders serving in the local body of Christ in all spheres of society. Leaders will dertermine the Church's growth and effectiveness in mission.

VISION AND MISSION OF SOLD (School of Leadership Development) :
We envision leadership programme in our local churches in particular and to our neighbouring congregation in general producing Christ-like model of Leaders in all spheres of society who will serve, live, lead and relate every one the apportunity to choose Christ.

Our Mission is to develop the Christian community locally owned effective leadership development programmes. To discover our leadership potentials, a reliable and authoritative guide to all the basic principles of such leadership found in the Bible and rely upon the Holy Spirit’s help as we endeavour to apply Biblical principles to our contemporary situation in a way to fulfill the mission of our Lord Jesus - to make deciples (Matt.28:19).

The purpose of Leadership development is to speed the fulfillment of the mission of Jesus. We, therefore, believe that Leadership Development is Christ-centered discipleship based and mission focused. The School of Leadership Development includes life transformation concerning three areas : Charater, Knowledge and Leadership skill.

Character and integrity are foundational in the life of a credible leader. Character is the sum total of the moral qualities that define a person's life and is foundational to leadership too.

Christ-like model of leaders posses Biblical and vocational knowledge which enables them to serve as influencers in all walk of life.

Leadership Skill
The skills of Leadership are based on Biblical Principles includes a wide range of learned abilities such as self-discipline, time management, equipping skills, vision sharing skills, rational skill, modeling the way, enabling others to act, challenging the process and term building and financial management.

Effective Christian Leadership requires a healthy balance of all these three aspects. The SOLD programme focus on building this healthy balance into the life of every leaders who is trained.

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